notes regarding your browser settings
•  last modifed on 01/12/2003  •

Notice No. 1:  F r a m e s †
When retrieving or downloading this web site there was an “automatic” check to see if your web browser is capable of displaying frames.
♦ Permit the display of frames and activate corresponding option ! …

Should your probably older web browser not be capable of displaying frames
or could you “just not find” the option to activate, you should:
• install a newer, more current version of your web browser, or
• install a more recent web browser that will definitely be able to display frames.

† Frames subdivide a screen display into more or less independent areas that serve to display different,
   more or less autonomous contents. Allowing subdividing the screen display is part of the HTML 4.0 standard,
   i.e. the Hypertext Markup Language, which is important for designing web pages.

Notice No. 2:  J a v a S c r i p t ‡
When retrieving or downloading this web site there was an “automatic” check to see if your web browser considers JavaScript.
♦ Permit JavaScript(s) to be executed and activate corresponding option ! …
♦ Permit the display of JavaScript error messages or activate the (Java)Script Debugger,
   if you want to know, if your web browser is capable of interpreting the implemented JavaScript code completely and accurately.

Unfortunately, not all web browsers interpret the entire JavaScript programming language
so that there may occur relevant and/or non-relevant errors with your web browser.
The web browsers (Internet Explorer®, Netscape Navigator®, Mozilla, Opera®),
that have been tested by me or web site visitors, do interpret the program code without any errors.

Should your web browser not execute JavaScript or only execute it with major errors
• you may want to install one of the listed and free web browsers of the more recent generation.

‡ JavaScript is a cross-platform programming language. Being a so-called scripting language
   it is not compiled but interpreted at run-time on your computer (and not the web server!).
   Equipped with the appropriate interpreter software, more recent web browsers
   may but do not have to interpret scripting code.